A foreigner who has been married to a Japanese and has been married under the status of residence of “Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals”, but has been suffering from domestic violence from one day, should consider divorce. Probably.

However, the DV perpetrator does not have the perpetrator’s consciousness that he is doing bad things and is not thinking about divorce.


If you cannot maintain your marriage due to domestic violence, but the Japanese do not accept the divorce, you may be allowed to change the type of unannounced settlement called “marriage bankruptcy Long-term Resident”.

① A normal marriage has continued for more than 3 years in Japan, and it is recognized that it is firmly established.

② A normal marriage continued, but due to domestic violence, he was forced to separate living.

③ Have skills, knowledge and assets that can maintain a livelihood

④ Fulfilling public obligations such as tax payment, health insurance and pension payment


Since it is an unannounced settlement, even if the above requirements are met, the change is not permitted to the “Long-term Resident”, but permission / non-permission will be examined for each case.

Therefore, if a foreigner such as a “Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals” also matches “Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services”, it is better to consider applying for a change there. increase.


Foreigners who are “Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals” who are forced to live separately due to domestic violence damage must first apply carefully so that they do not have a poor status of residence.







① 日本において正常な結婚生活が3年以上続き、定着性が認められる

② 正常な結婚生活が続いていたが、DV被害により別居などが強いられた

③ 生計を維持できる技能・知識や資産がある

④ 税金納付・健康保険や年金の納付など、公的義務を果たしている







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