Unlike hiring Japanese people, foreigners may not be able to work depending on their status of residence, so you have to check various things.

If you hire someone who cannot work, in the worst case, you may be responsible for illegal employment, so you need to be very careful.


When hiring a foreigner in Japan

This is the case when you interview and hire a foreigner in Japan.


Points to should take care for,

● It is necessary to confirm the status of residence and the period of stay with a residence card held by a foreigner.

● If you have a status of residence of “Permanent Resident”, “Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals,” “Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident,” or “Long-term Resident,” there are no restrictions on employment.

● If you have a status of residence (working qualification) that has a limited range of employment, such as “Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services” or “Skilled Labor”, they will be able to work if your job description corresponds to that status of residence.

● If you have a status of residence of “Student” or “Dependent”, you can work up to 28 hours a week in principle if you have a “permit for activities outside the status of qualification”.

Whether or not you have a permit for activities outside your status is indicated on your residence card.


Required notification

If you are hiring a person with a work qualification, and if you take on a job that corresponds to the same status of residence after hiring, you can continue to work, but you will need to submit a “Notification Regarding Activity Organization”.

In addition, you can check whether your job description after hiring matches your status of residence by applying for a “Certificate of Authrization for Employment”.

When hiring a foreigner, the employer is obliged to submit a “Notification Regarding Acceptance of Medium- to Long-term Residents”.

Similarly, even if the employment of foreigners is terminated, the employer is obliged to submit a “notification regarding acceptance of medium- to long-term residents”.


For Students

When hiring an Student who is expected to graduate from a university or vocational school in Japan, it is necessary to change the status of residence of the Student to a status of residence suitable for the job of the company in the “Application for Change of Status of Residence”.


For “short-term stay” status of residence

This is a case where foreigners who are staying with a “short-term stay” status of residence for sightseeing purposes are included, but in principle, it is not possible to change from a “short-term stay” to another status of residence.

Apply for the issuance of a “Certificate of Eligibility” by yourself or your company, and you will be asked to return to your home country once. Once you have been issued a “Certificate of Eligibility”, you will be sent to the person, and you will be issued a visa at the diplomatic mission abroad and will be re-entered Japan.


When hiring a foreigner who is overseas

If you want to invite foreigners from abroad, you will need to apply for a certificate of status of residence.


Certificate of Eligibility

When a foreigner enters Japan, a visa must be issued to a diplomatic mission abroad such as a Japanese embassy or consulate in a foreign country.

It usually takes several months to get a work visa, as you will be referred to your home country (Japan).

Therefore, by confirming that you have a status of residence in Japan in advance, the procedure for issuing a visa will be simplified. The document certifying that you have confirmed your status is the “Certificate of Eligibility”.


Obtaining an immigration visa

Once the “Certificate of Eligibility” is issued, it will be sent to foreigners overseas.

Foreigners overseas can obtain a status of residence by going to a Japanese Embassy with this certificate, receiving a visa, and submitting this certificate at the time of landing examination at a Japanese airport.

The “Certificate of Eligibility” is valid for 3 months, so you need to enter Japan by that time.


Notification of acceptance of medium- to long-term residents

When hiring a foreigner, the employer is obliged to make an effort to submit a “Notification Regarding Acceptance of Medium- to Long-term Residents” to the Immigration Bureau.

The same applies when a foreigner retires.



































































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