Highly Skilled Professional (advanced human resources point system) is a system that provides preferential treatment for immigration control using the point system for advanced foreign human resources in order to promote the acceptance of advanced foreign human resources.Activity content,
 イ. Advanced academic research activities
 ロ. Advanced Diploma / Technical Activities
 ハ. Advanced economic and management activities 

It is classified into three categories, and points such as “educational background”, “work history”, and “annual income” are set for each.

If the total points reach 70 points, preferential treatment will be given.


In short, it is a system in which talented foreigners come to Japan to work and contribute to the development of Japan.


Preferential treatment

It is classified as No. 1 and No. 2 respectively, and No. 1 is classified as No. 1  as soon as 70 points are achieved.

No. 2 will be granted if you have been active as No. 1 for 3 years or more.


In the case of “advanced profession No. 1 (イ) (ロ) (ハ)”

1. Allowance of complex residence activities

With a normal status of residence, you can only do one activity that is permitted, but with advanced human resources, you can do multiple activities such as company management while studying at a university.


2. Grant of stay period “5 years”

The period of stay is 5 years instead of 1 or 3 years, which reduces the time and effort required to apply for a renewal permit.


3. Relaxation of permanent residence permit requirements related to residence history

If you have a normal status of residence, those who have stayed in Japan for 10 consecutive years are eligible for a permanent residence permit.

Those who have stayed for 3 years or more as Highly Skilled Professional with 70 points or more, and those who have stayed for 1 year or more with 80 points or more are eligible for permanent residence permit.


4. Spouse employment

Highly-skilled human resources If you are a spouse of a foreigner and stay in Japan, you can carry out activities that correspond to “Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services” even if you do not meet the conditions such as educational background and work history.


5. Accompanied by parents under certain conditions

Parents are allowed to enter or stay in Japan when raising children under the age of 7 of a highly-skilled foreigner or their spouse, or when providing assistance during pregnancy.

The requirement in that case is

● Household income of 8 million yen or more per year

● Living together

● Limited to parents of either the advanced foreigner or her spouse


6. Accompanied by a domestic servant (maid) under certain conditions

You can bring a housekeeper with you.

The requirement in this case is

● Household income is 10 million yen or more per year

● Up to 1 housekeeper

● Payment of a monthly remuneration of 200,000 yen or more to the maid

● If you enter the country with housekeeper, you have employment record for the past year or more, and you plan to enter and leave the country at the same time.

● When hiring a housekeeper in Japan, if you have a child under the age of 13 or if you have a spouse who cannot engage in daily housework due to illness, etc.


7. Priority processing of immigration / residence procedures

Immigration will be given priority

In the case of “advanced profession No. 2 (イ) (ロ) (ハ)”

Those who have been active for 3 years or more as the first advanced profession are eligible.

● Almost all work qualification activities can be carried out in addition to the activities of “Advanced Professional No. 1”.

● The period of stay will be indefinite

● Receive preferential treatment for “Highly Professional Professional No. 1”


Mechanism of point evaluation

Depending on the characteristics of the activities in (イ), (ロ), and (ハ) above,

“Educational background”, “Work history”, “Annual income”, “Research achievements”

Set points for each item such as, and the applicant himself / herself wishes.

The type corresponding to the activity will be evaluated by point calculation.


An Excel sheet for point calculation can be found on the Immigration Bureau’s website.




The hurdles for being recognized by highly-skilled foreigners are set very high,

It is not a system that applies to everyone, but if you have cleared the points,

There are preferential treatments, so it seems worth trying.





















1. 複合的な在留活動の許容




2. 在留期間「5年」の付与




3. 在留歴に係る永住許可要件の緩和





4. 配偶者の就労




5. 一定の条件の下での親の帯同








6. 一定の条件の下での家事使用人(メイド)の帯同










7. 入国・在留手続の優先処理






● 在留期間が無期限となる

● 「高度専門職1号」の優遇措置が受けられる























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