There is a deadline for your status of residence, and you will need to apply for renewal when the deadline is reached. If your qualification changes, you will need to apply for a change. 

Change of status of residence / Extention of Period of Stay

Currently, there are 33 types of status of residence under the Immigration Control and Refuge Law, which are classified as follows.

A. Status of residence based on activities

1. 1. Status of residence that allows you to work within the range specified in each status of residence

2. 2. Status of residence that cannot be worked

3. 3. Status of residence where employment status is determined by the contents of the permit given to each foreigner

B. Status of residence based on status or status

The status of residence of “A” has restrictions on employment, but the status of residence of “B” has no restrictions on employment, and unskilled labor is also possible.


Application for change of status of residence

If you are staying in Japan for a medium to long term, you must confirm the eligibility of your status of residence before entering Japan.

If you want to change your status of residence from the one you originally obtained, you will need to apply for a change of status of residence.


International student

If an international student studying abroad at a vocational school / university wants to work in Japan, he / she will change from “Student” to a work qualification.

The qualifications for employment are determined by the content of the major at a vocational school / university and the content of the job at the place of employment, and whether or not the status of residence can be changed is determined in consideration of the stability and continuity of employment.

It is important to manage the schedule of change applications because you cannot work until your work qualification is approved. You can apply from 3 months in advance, so if you join the company in April, you can apply from January.

If you apply in January, you will be expected to graduate because you have not graduated yet, but you will need to apply with a graduation certificate and submit an additional graduation certificate when you graduate.

If you haven’t decided on a job after graduating in March, you can change from “Student” to “Specific activity” and continue your job hunting. The period of “Specific activities” is 6 months, but it can be renewed only once, and you can stay for a total of 1 year.


Short stay

As a general rule, it is not possible to change from a short-term stay to a medium- to long-term status of residence, so you will have to return to Japan once, wait for the issuance of a certificate of residence status, and then re-enter Japan.


Application for Extention of Period of Stay

Before your period of stay expires, you must apply for permission to Extention your period of stay and obtain permission.

Extention applications are accepted from 3 months before the expiration of the period, so it is better to apply early so that you do not inadvertently expire.

If the period expires before the disposition for the application is decided, you can stay for two months from the expiration date or until the date of disposition, whichever is earlier.

Even if you are applying for a Extention your period of stay, you can enter and leave the country with a re-entry permit (deemed re-entry permit).



































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