When a foreigner marries a Japanese person, he / she becomes a “Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals” and can freely work, and his / her activities and status in Japan are stable.

However, even if they like each other and get married, there is a possibility that they will quarrel with each other and break up because they are emotional people.

There may be various reasons such as disagreement with each other’s values, severe domestic violence, and disagreement with food.

When a foreigner is no longer married to a Japanese person, he / she is no longer a spouse of the Japanese person and is no longer eligible for status of residence.

Do I have to leave Japan as soon as that happens? However, if settlement is recognized, it may be permitted to apply for change to “Long Term Resident” (resident without notice).


This is referred to as “divorce settlement”, and the requirements in this case are as follows.

・ They had a normal marriage for more than 3 years in Japan.

・ Sufficient knowledge, skills and assets to live

・ He/She has Japanese ability that is not inconvenient in daily life

・ He/She has done public obligations such as paying taxes, taking out pension and health insurance and paying insurance premiums.


It should be noted that, apart from this, if you divorce, you must immigrate the “spouse notification” within 14 days. This notification is obligatory, so if you do not make this notification, your feelings will be bad and you will not be permitted to apply for change to a “Long Term Resident”, so it is important to remember to make this notification.


Since the application must explain the details of the process from marriage to divorce, it is necessary to prepare a statement of reason that details the path to divorce in as much detail as possible.

If you are a domestic violence victim, you are more likely to be recognized as a “Long Term Resident”. In that case, it is a medical certificate that was injured and treated by DV, a consultation history at the police or the municipality. Evidence is necessary for proof, so it is good to have a lot of favorable evidence.

It is necessary to prove in detail the process leading to marriage in the application for “Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals”, but it is also necessary to prove in detail the process leading to marriage in the application for change to “Long Term Resident” after divorce. I have.





















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