If a foreigner works in Japan, his wife and children can live together in Japan.

In this case, the status of residence is “Dependent”.

If you have lived in Japan since you were a child, received compulsory education from an elementary school in Japan, and graduated from high school, you will be able to speak Japanese at the same level as Japanese people. On the other hand, you can’t speak your native language well or at all.

A child who cannot speak his / her native language cannot understand the language even if he / she returns to his / her native language. Since I have been in Japan for a long time, I have no friends in my home country, and if my relatives have only a shallow relationship, it is better for my children to stay in Japan as it is.

Such children may change their status of residence to “Long Term Resident” (resident without notice).

If you apply for a change from a Dependent to a Long Term Resident, he / she should prove that it is sufficiently established in Japanese society, there will be a “special reason” if there are no particular problems in consideration of the status of residence.

There is a practical requirement to “complete compulsory education in Japan”, and it is accepted if you have been in school for about 10 years or more, and if you calculate back from high school graduation, you are educated in Japan from about 3rd grade of elementary school.

If you become a “Lont Term Resident”, you will be able to stay in Japan for a long time, and there will be no restrictions on your work.

In addition, “Long Term Residents” can apply for “Permanent resident” after 5 years of stay in Japan.


Children who may be able to change to “Long Term Residents” may want to apply for a change.















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