Establishing a company in Japan for foreign residents


I live in a foreign country, but I would like to establish a company in Japan and obtain a status of residence for “Business manager”.




In order for a person living overseas to establish a company in Japan and acquire “business manager”, it is also possible to enter the country for a short stay and establish a company.

However, it is not possible for a single short-term stay foreigner without a residence card, and it is necessary for a Japanese person or a foreigner with a residence card to cooperate with the company and register as a co-representative.

This is because a seal certificate is required for corporate registration, a resident registration is required for the seal certificate, and a residence card is required for resident registration.

In addition, you open a corporate bank account after registering as a corporation, but a representative residence card is required to open a corporate bank account.
Resident registration is required to rent an office, so again a Japanese person or a foreigner with a residence card must be the representative and enrolled in the company.

To apply for the status of residence of “Business Managemer”, establish a company, open a bank account of the corporation, rent an office, create the actual situation of the company and make it possible to start business at any time, and then you can apply the status of residence “Business Manager” .








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