Japanese Ability and Naturalization


Apply for naturalization at the Legal Affairs Bureau, not at the Immigration Bureau.

Since it is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, it is the Minister of Justice who issues the permit, but the window for accepting applications is different.

Japan does not recognize dual citizenship, so if naturalization is recognized, you will have to take steps to abandon your existing nationality, which is a high hurdle for your application.


One of the requirements for naturalization application is Japanese ability.

Interpretation of Japanese proficiency is quite different depending on the Legal Affairs Bureau, and some Legal Affairs Bureaus require that the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3 be okay, while others require it up to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1.

At the first consultation, the Legal Affairs Bureau will listen to you and give you instructions on the necessary documents, and you will be asked to write a questionnaire at the reception in front of you to determine your Japanese proficiency, and your Japanese proficiency is still insufficient. There is also a Legal Affairs Bureau that pays in advance if it is judged.


There are various ways to do it depending on the Legal Affairs Bureau. Since the jurisdiction of the Legal Affairs Bureau is divided by address, it is difficult to select and apply for the Legal Affairs Bureau, which does not examine Japanese proficiency very rigorously.














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